Appeal for the closure of Detention Centres and HOTSPOTS in Europe!

Appeal for the closure of Detention Centres and HOTSPOTS in Europe!

There are 393 Administrative Detention Centers in Europe. Their purpose is to keep foreigners who have an irregular administrative status locked up before they are expelled from the territory.

The HOTSPOTS, where hundreds of people are locked up at the Italian and Greek borders, serve to identify, register and to take the fingerprints of migrants arriving in Europe [1], in order to then select those who are accepted on European territory and who will be granted the right to asylum, and those who are not wanted and who will be returned to their country.

Detention Centres and HOTSPOTS are places where innocent people are detained. Several investigations and testimonies have revealed how in those places, that are run by the police, people are subjected to police, medical and psychological violence.

We refuse this preventive measure, that is based on the representation of foreigners as a danger; a political, health and social danger.

We refuse the current xenophobic practice of selection and of the violent deportation of foreigners without residence permits against their will.

We demand that the European states close those places, that serve to establish differences between human beings, those who have rights and those who are considered as «undesirable foreign objects» in violation of articles 1, 2 and 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We demand that the European states adopt reception policies that respond to the urgency of the humanitarian situation at the external borders and within the territory of the European Union.

We demand the European states respect the rights to freedom of movement and residence guaranteed in article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to end the practice of detaining innocent people as soon as possible.

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[1↑] The fingerprints are registered and centralized in a European database called «Eurodac». This registration allows to determine the country responsible for the asylum application. According to the regulation known as «Dublin II», regardless of the wishes of the person, the asylum application has to be reviewed by a single European country, the one where the newcomer has left their fingerprints for the first time.